Holi in Nepal || Pokhara and Kathmandu

Rishabh Saini

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I have been wanting to go to POKHRA and your travelogue has given me some realistic goals that I can plan my trip on.

Hooked to your travelogue. Nothing beats getting your bike to new destinations.

One more thing I would like to add. I went to Dhanghadi, Nepal yesterday when I went to Dudhwa national park. I also carried 100rs notes with me. However, I saw people in Nepal accepting 500 RS note too(new one) at the Bhansar office.

Do post some more pics of POKHRA.

Have a great time there.
Thank you and I wish you plan your much awaited trip soon :)

Bitten by the the riding bug. Can't help it now :-D

Yes, they accept all denominations of INR at border. Even in Pokhara, there were some shops where 2000rs note was accepted without any fuss.

Rishabh Saini

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After shopping, we went back to our hotel and rested for a while. Ashish and Amitosh wanted to go to Sarangkot while I wanted to visit World Peace Pagoda. Reason for which they wanted to visit Sarangkot was to see the snow-covered peaks and for that, they enquired locals about the place where they can witness them. Sarangkot was the answer. I wasn't convinced because I knew peaks won't be visible due to clouds. Best time to witness them is early morning. The majority won and I and Amitosh took our motorcycles out of parking. Ashish decided to ride pillion and got DSLR out to click photos.



View of Pokhara as we climbed.




The climb up to Sarankot top is mostly steep at places and at the location above, only two-wheelers were allowed to pass. It was so steep that if we stopped mid-way with both front and rear breaks fully slammed, our motorcycles skidded. It was a bit difficult with Ashish riding pillion with me.


Posing on a not-so-steep road :-D



Pokhara city and airport runway.


Phewa lake.

Sarangkot viewpoint was another 500 meters left from this point. We decided to return back as the way up was steeper and the road condition was quite bad. Our motorcycles were running on soft compound tyres (Pirelli diablo rosso 2) and these are prone to puncture on bad roads. And as I mentioned earlier, snow peaks were not visible at all and were covered with clouds. We were exhausted and hungry because we ate nothing post breakfast and so we headed back to our hotel.


Our stay! After parking our bikes we went out in hunt of food and ate heartful at a restaurant located nearby lake.


We called it a day and spent the rest of the evening in our rooms taking rest as next day we had to ride to Kathmandu. We went for tea at the same place we went in the morning. After having tea and casually chatting for a while we went to the Hotel restaurant for dinner and there I saw happiness on the staff's face as we were there to have dinner, unlike the previous day when he had to arrange everything for dinner in our room itself. I informed the hotel reception that we will check-out by 9 A.M. and to have our breakfast prepared by 8 A.M. We packed our luggage, cleaned helmet visors, charged all our gadgets and after talking to our loved ones back home, did hit the bed with no delay.

So for anyone planning a trip to Pokhara, I would suggest visiting Sarangkot early morning to witness incredible sunrise and then visit the lake and other places. In case you are interested in paragliding, book your slot the previous day itself. Ask the same to your hotel itself as they might help in booking.