Holi in Nepal || Pokhara and Kathmandu

Rishabh Saini

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Namaste Everyone!!

I have been reading interesting travelogues here since last year and now I have my short travel story as a little contribution to this amazing forum. In fact, I read several travelogues of Nepal here before traveling which made me confident enough to get my motorcycle and ride across the border to the 'Land of Peace'. Hope you guys like it :)

Why Holi ? Because I and my other friends who traveled were more interested in exploring some new places than playing Holi at home and that we had plenty of days (holiday plus leaves) away from office. Though for Diwali, it's only our sweet home :). So I had five days at hand and wanted to travel at a place which can be reached in just one day so that next day can be spent in exploring and local sightseeing. From Lucknow, Pokhara fulfilled this criteria. Amitosh however wanted to travel to Manali because last year when he visited Pokhara during monsoons, had a bad experience overall. I assured him that this time it won't be the same as mid-March is a good time to visit and that we can reach in one day itself. So I prepared the following itinerary-

Day 1 : Lucknow to Pokhara

Day 2: Stay in Pokhara, local sightseeing

Day 3: Pokhara to Kathmandu

Day 4: Kathmandu to Basti

Day 5: Basti to Lucknow

Myself, Amitosh and another rider Ashish joined for this trip. Amitosh left no stone unturned to convince me to ride to Manali :D but I was determined for Nepal. Ashish was ready for all the places as he was longing for a long ride since a long time. Yeah ! Long :grin:


Ready to answer call of the road! Myself in the middle. On my right is Amitosh and on the left is Ashish.


With the man behind this ride banner, Rakshit. He flew from Bangalore to Lucknow late the previous night and was there next morning before we even reached the starting point. Never ending love for the brotherhood :heart:


Ready to roll..Other friends with some onlookers.


Somewhere on Faizabad road, before Ayodhya.


A detour to meet a fellow rider and lunch at Shalimar Darbaar, Khalilabad. Unfortunately he was out of town so couldn't meet him so we continued for Sunauli border.


Rapti river



The Khalilabad detour left us one hour behind the schedule as roads were pretty bad and we were stuck in a traffic jam at a congested market. We were not able to cross mere 20 kmph. We stopped here to drink water as we were fully exhausted

After here, we rode non-stop till Sunauli border, Nepal. A fuel stop in between to refuel.
We got bhansar for five days and a NCell SIM to connect with our loved ones back home.
Next post from Nepal :)