Honda Amaze Bookings Open

IMHO, Maruti Dzire is already an overpriced car and I don't really think Honda's Brio based rival to it, Amaze, will have any problems is competing with it. If Amaze is not priced lower than Dzire, then it won't be priced much higher either.


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Firstly it was Toyota (Etios) and now Honda (Amaze), somehow japanese giants, who were know for setting benchmark for reliability & quality, have lost the road somewhere.
However in a price sensitive market like ours, expect to see it burning some sales charts and would be seen on roads more than often, even more with yellow registeration plates.


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Looking forward to owning the Amaze later this year, after doing a SWOT analysis of all the new SUVs that are headed my way... such as the Ford Ecosport and the un-named Mahindra car.

Watching the Amaze commercials as Honda is set to reveal pricing in the next few minutes.

Badly meri dunia!

Base E model petrol... 4.99 Lakhs ex-delhi showroom!!!
wow!! 8)

Amaze pricing: diesel starts from 5.99 for entry and 6.24lac, 6.67 and 7.60 for top of line


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Honda Amaze Prices:

Petrol Manual
E: Rs 4.99 lakh
EX: Rs 5.24 lakh
S: Rs 5.62 lakh
VX: Rs 6.60 lakh

Petrol Automatic
S: Rs 6.62 lakh
VX: Rs 7.50

Diesel Manual
E: Rs 5.99 lakh
EX: Rs 6.24 lakh
S: Rs 6.67 lakh
VX: Rs 7.60 lakh

Maruti Dzire prices

Petrol manual
LXI: Rs 4.92 lalkh
VXI: Rs 5.54 lakh
ZXI: Rs 6.45 lakh

Petrol Automatic
VXI: Rs 6.75 lakh

Diesel Manual
LDI: Rs 5.99 lakh
VDI: Rs 6.67 lakh
ZDI: Rs 7.50 lakh

Toyota Etios Prices

Petrol manual
J: Rs 5.45 lakh
G: Rs 5.99 lakh
G SP: Rs 6.47 lakh
V: Rs 6.70 lakh
V SP: Rs 7.09 lakh

Diesel Manual
JD: Rs 6.70lakh
GD: Rs 7.07 lakh
GD SP: Rs 7.56 lakh
VD: Rs 7.76 lakh
VD SP: Rs 8.16 lakh

Mahindra Verito prices

Petrol Manual
G2: Rs 5.32 lakh
G4: Rs 5.55 lakh

Diesel Manual
D2: Rs 6.31 lakh
D4: Rs 6.52 lakh
D6: Rs 7.19 lakh

Tata Manza Prices

Petrol Manual
GLS: Rs 5.92 lakh
GLX: Rs 6.15 lakh
GVX: Rs 6.55 lakh
GEX: Rs 7.53 lakh

Diesel Manual
LS: Rs 5.99 lakh
LX: Rs 6.54 lakh
VX: Rs 7.20 lakh
EX: Rs 8.14 lakh

All prices ex-showroom,DELHI
A quick comparo of the different variants:

Honda Amaze Models.JPG

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My only worry, will Honda be able to manage the deliveries...
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