Honda Amaze Bookings Open

I am not sure about Dzire, but Amaze is surely going to hit the nail in coffins of Etios in Sail.

Toyota Beware !!! at least one good thing that Honda has maintained is quality, which Toyota seemingly forgot while designing Etios range.

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Which model? A colleague paid Rs. 10000 as booking amount today for Amaze EX (D), Alabaster Silver, @ Classic Honda, Faridabad. Expected deliverly time 1 month...(by 15 May, 2013).

Btw, he was not too happy with the diesel clatter of this new diesel motor...pretty audible both at idle and revving during test drive, and perceptible vibrations in accelerator pedal. Any feedback, inputs on this, who have test-driven?


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Initial bookings 'Amaze' Honda
CHENNAI: The just-launched Honda Amaze has totted up 6,000 bookings initially. According to top sources in the auto financing circuit, the Amaze is expected to tot up anywhere between "10,000-11 ,000 bookings in the next two to three days and already the Delhi-NCR showrooms are witnessing a sharp increase in footfalls," said a senior executive in one of the top three auto financing companies.

The Honda Amaze, with its aggressive pricing, is also being touted as one of the critical new launches that can uplift consumer sentiment. "The auto finance circuit is not hopeful of a turnaround," said the senior executive in the Mumbai-based auto finance major. "The only hope is that new launches like the Honda Amaze will capture the imagination of the consumers."

Agreed Ashok Khanna, senior executive VP and business head-auto loans, HDFC Bank: "Consumers these days are looking for something different . With petrol priced at 75-77 per litre and diesel at 58-59 per litre, mileage is now critical. Products that can hit the sweet spot in terms of mileage, usability and price - like Renault Duster or Honda Amaze - will continue to sell good numbers."

Priced at a range of around 4.99 for petrol and 5.99 diesel manual versions, the Honda Amaze compact sedan is aggressively priced visa-vis its competitors. It's priced alongside the best-selling Swift Dzire and is just a little bit cheaper than the Mahindra Verito and Toyota Etios. Initially Honda has a capacity of building around 10,000 units per month at its Greater Noida factory. It will have more capacity at its disposal once production shifts to Tapukara plant in Rajasthan.

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Tried (not TD) Amaze on Saturday.
Somehow I didn't liked the complete package. Car looks and feels small than any other sedan.

I'm a large frame 5'11" tall & heavy man. I felt there is pretty less headroom in both front and rear seats for me. With two people (as wide as myself :grin:) on rear seat, without any luggage in boot, it appeared to be bogged down in ground due to soft shockers. :eek:

Interiors can be a choice of personal taste... I didn't liked them much even in VX model!

The barebone diesel model-E, is not meant for anyone looking for even the slightest of premium feel.

4 months waiting is there on any model... any colour!
Booking amount is I guess :r:21K.

OEM tyres are different on most models displayed in showroom! :eek:
I saw Apollo Accelere, JK and BS on 5-6 models on display.

Good luck to those who are waiting to drive it to get Amazed! :)

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One more thing came to my notice in Noida showroom for Delhi citizens!

If you're intended to pick the base-E diesel model, be ready to give a difference of about 25K for metallic colour over the singular non-metallic available! :shock:
Yes, the moment ex-showroom price of a car touches 6L in Delhi, the registration price increases from some 32K to 54K or so!

The 5.99L base-E model car is non-metallic white diesel car in Delhi.... metallic cars are about 6.04L ex-showroom...!!!

Do take this thing into consideration while buying your car. :)
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+1 to above. And there is another jolt of additional Rs. 25000 for those seeking an early delivery of this Amazing car!

Came to know today from my colleague (who is buying it on company lease) that the Honda dealer(s) are pushing hard for Extended Warranty & Honda Care Maintenance Package, especially for Diesel Amaze (both are optional otherwise, and together cost around Rs. 25000). This is what the sales rep. told him for ensuring delivery within a month's time, and insisted to go for complete package citing again and again that the diesel engine is new sir!:shock:

This it seems is just blatantly cashing on the prospective customer's apprehensions (if any) about the reliability of this relatively new (and untested) iDtech engine.

And the final on road cost (Amaze Diesel EX Metallic) invoiced with insurance, registration, extended warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance package, and just basic accessories (no freebies of any sort) is touching a little above Rs. 7.6 lacs!! (which in fact is the ex-showroom price of top end Amaze Diesel VX with all bells and whistles, but sans an Automatic Climate Control!):shock:


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Tata Motors on the Offensive

First Dzire comes in with the Regal variant to take on Amaze.
Now the "Club Class" Manza lays claims to:
what it calls the "Q Jet with Variable Geometry Turbocharger" engine
4413 mm lenght vs 3990
1703 width vs 1680 mm
460 L boot vs 400 L

Touchscreen music system with 6 speakers
Voice assisted GPS
Blue 5 (5 cellphones connected with the bluetooth)
4 adjustable headrests
DIS ("Driver Information System"!)
Exterior Body Protection Pack: haven't figured out this one yet!

But I love this!
They are fighting mm for mm and L for L for our attention.
And the price points
vx trim: :r:7.36 vs 8.01 (Mumbai)


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Honda India launched the first Anniversary Edition of Amaze on April 15, 2014. This anniversary edition includes all-round body cladding, front and side spoiler, door visors, chromed exhaust muffler tip along with an 'Anniversary Edition' badge on boot lid. While inside it gets new premium upholstery and contrasting wood panels. The engine remains same as the car will keep on housing the 1.5-litre i-DTEC and 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine. Honda group got a very good response form the users and till date, the automaker has sold more than 80,000 units of Amaze.