Honda CRF250L coming to India


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Any more news on a release date?

I'm planning a long ride around the Indian coast and I want to do a bit of off road/trail riding as well. There is a surprising lack of suitable bikes available in India for this type of dual sport riding, especially given the fantastic countryside.
The CRF looks just right for me - if not this then I'll try the KTM 200 Duke and forget about off roading.


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A quick bike review from the UK.

Did 150 miles on a CRF 250 L yesterday while my Honda PCX was in getting a new drive belt fitted. The dealer said they needed some miles put on their demonstrator bike so I was only too happy to oblige:).

Very nice easy ride on twisty roads and through town. Good high seating position but I could still get both feet flat on the floor (I'm 5'10"). I took it on some rough farm tracks and it soaked up all the bumps easily.

It would cruse all day at 65mph+ but it suffers from vibes. They really got my left hand for some reason, I only really noticed them when I was on faster A roads, dual carriage ways, on twistier roads where your changing gear and direction all the time it wasn't a problem.

The engine is from the CBR250R and though it wasn't a rocket it could get you past slower traffic and keep up with faster cars. Gear box was nice and easy.

Despite the vibes the mirrors didn't shake. They are the same as on the PCX. The petrol tank is too small - I had to fill up twice. I worked out It was giving about 75mpg. The fuel cap is a pain to use. It's got a clock but no rev' counter or gear indicator.

You could definitely have fun with it off road. May be bar end weights would cure the worst of the vibes.

I really hope this bike becomes available in India it seems like it would be the perfect tool for most riding.

I'll put some pics up when I get around to editing them.


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Nice review and thanks for sharing, the pics are eagerly awaited.

I also feel that tank is too small for any meaningful rides. Btw, how much Kilometres/litre is 75 miles per gallon?