Honda CRF250L coming to India


How authentic is this news?

Should I shelve my plans of picking up the Impulse and tricking it out with a ZMA heart? :D


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Here are some photos.

I took the bike for a 45 mile run and tested it off road first to see how it behaved on rough ground and it coped with it easily. It's a very smooth ride over bad roads, the long travel suspension soaks up any bumps and anything but big holes.

The only real issue I had with the bike was the vibrations (I've been told that the CBR250R has the same problem - they share the same engine), and the small fuel tank. I got 38.31km/l (75miles per Imperial gallon not to be confused with US gallon which is smaller) The milage would have been better but I did quite a bit of higher speed riding at 65-70mph and some riding up hills at similar speeds. Probably Hondas claimed 94mpg could be achieved quite easily if you're not in a hurry.

I didn't mention the tyres before. I was pleasantly surprised by their grip on normal road surfaces in the dry, I don't know how they would work in wet weather. Off road they're fine for a dual purpose tyre.

You can see my KTM 125 Duke next to the CRF for comparison. I put some soft panniers on for some of the pics so you can see how the sit on the bike - I should have tightened the straps up a bit to make them fit better but you get an idea of how they sit against the exhaust.

Some people find the strap over the seat causes discomfort - this can be unclipped and stored in the lockable tool compartment on the left of the bike just below the seat (see pic) for use when carrying a passenger. There are four pins to tie down luggage over the seat/rear fender.

A centre stand would be useful.

I just hope Honda choose to offer the CRF for sale in India, it would be a really great success.



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Maybe I should have put this in the review section?

The CRF isn't yet available in India and maybe it never will be, so perhaps it's better to leave this review here?

If mods want to move it, it's OK with me:)