Hoolock Gibbon Walking | Kaziranga


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Discover Wild India brings you rare footage of Hoolock Gibbon also known as Little Man of the Forest walking on the ground like humans in the wild.

Best watched in Full HD (1080p) with sound on.

Filmed at Outskirts of Kaziranga National Park, Assam, March 2022.

Filmed with Sony DSC HX400V & Still pictures taken with Nikon D7100 DSLR Camera & Nikkor 200 - 500 mm VR lens.

We are on the fringes of Kaziranga National Park in Assam touching National Highway 37. This is Hoolock Gibbon – India’s only Ape & we are about to witness rare event of a male Hoolock Gibbon walking on the ground like humans in the wild & we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to witness & film this event. Here in Assam one of the strongholds of this specie Hoolock Gibbon is more popularly known as Holou. Very few people are aware that such a specie exits in India. Generally they live in top canopy of the forest & are truly arboreal in nature. However on rare occasions as is the case in this film this Gibbon walks across ground in degraded habitat with gap in the canopy. Hoolock Gibbon not only resembles man in various aspects, but also shares 95 % of its genetic material with us. No wonder this Gibbon is also known as little man of the forest. Western Hoolock Gibbon scientific name Hoolock hoolock has been categorized as endangered as per IUCN Red List. In the current scenario of large scale destruction of forests, it is the noble duty of people from all walks of life to work for the conservation of this unique specie.

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