Hotel abhishek restaurant, Chiplun


Rides R Us
If driving down the mumbai-goa highway please stop,authentic malvani food is not to be missed...

one of the local places i would recommend is Hotel abhishek in chiplun.Once in chiplun ask anyone for directions to bus stand and this hotel.....its not much of a detour from the highway.

This restaurant is full of pictures of marathi celebrities and politicians who are patrons and regulars here.

Recommended dish is surmai plate for 120 bucks

Wash it down with glass of nice sol-kadi



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Sushrut Khaladkar
Fantastic food. I liked it very much too! The prawns masala I ate here was the best one I have had till date.


aimless wanderer
+1.. been there a week back for the first time.. great food... the place is a bit congested and crowded though..

also, there are two abhishek restaurants in chiplun now.. one old one, the one pictured above.. which is a lane a bit inside from the main highway.. and a new one on the main road.. the new one has pretty bad food.. nothing like the old one.. so visit the old one only...