Hotel Anup, Dharali (Gangotri Circuit)

Yogesh Sarkar

Dharali Village is situated a few kilometer ahead of Harsil, on the road to Gangotri. Hotel Anup is one of the only couple of options we found open in February in Dharali. After having a not so good experience at GMVN Harsil, we were looking for alternatives and Hotel Anup fit the bill perfectly.


It is a fairly small hotel, located by the road. It has only a couple of rooms and one of them was occupied by the staff. So essentially 1 four bedded room was available and that is all we wanted.


Even though the room was a little smelly and linens dirty, it was still liveable. Water was available in buckets, which was promptly delivered by the courteous staff of the hotel.

Best thing, however, was the attitude of the hotel staff and it made up for pretty much everything.

Food too was great, even though options were fairly limited.

We even bought diesel from them for Rs. 1,200 for a 20-liter jerry can.

Of course, this isn’t a place which is going to be to the taste of everyone. However, for Rs. 500 a night for a four bedded room, it was a great deal and all of us enjoyed our stay there.

Contact Anil at +91-7579015458, in case you wish to stay at Hotel Anup in Dharali Village.