Hotel Holy View | Uttarkashi

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This decent hotel is located in the heart of Uttarkashi, & on Uttarkashi - Gangotri road.
You can get a nice view of the town from the veranda of this property too! When I visited Gangotri (8th Nov, 2018), my halt for a night stay was at Uttarkashi. This hotel was one of those properties which was functioning even at that time (considering the time post diwali, when most of hotels in that belt start closing down since winter is approaching!).
Initially I tried for KNB Retreat which was hardly 100 mtr from Holy View. But since at that point of time, the reception was closed, I had to move to Holy View (Later I discovered that KNB Retreat was functional too!).
The owner of the property is Mr Subhash. A Nice guy, very humble & cooperative too. Since I reached there immediately after the day of Diwali, supportive staffs of the hotel were not there. So, it was only Mr Subhash who actually arranged for drinking water & all sort of.
Coming to the room, it's quite spacious. Geyser in the washroom works pretty fast & smoothly too! To my surprise, the room has also got one small kitchen room. Last but not the least, you can also enjoy watching TV in your room. O:) But this Hotel doesn't have its' own restaurant.

You can reach Mr Subhash over phone - 9456745559.
Room Rent - 500/- per day (double bed room).
Location - Google Maps

Sharing some of the picture to get a clear idea of the property & its' surrounding, ENJOY !

1. View of the Hotel - Front


2. Inside View I

3. Inside View II

4. Inside View III

5. Attached Kitchen

6. Balcony

7. View of Uttarkashi town from the hotel's balcony

8. The room i was allotted to

9. Uttarkashi at night from hotel's balcony

10. The property during Diwali

11. The decorated one

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