Hotel Rajat, Chambi, Himachal Pradesh


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Hotel Rajat & Restaurant, Chambi, Himachal

We stayed here for one night while coming from Bharmour, on October 7,2019.

1. It has a restaurant which is open for the whole day. So even for an early morning breakfast, there is no need to go anywhere else.
2. Ample parking space is available, with abundant water for car wash.
3. Located right on the road.
4. Geyser is available in working condition.

1. Rooms are not impressive, and lack maintenance. The room we were allotted was dusty. The bathroom floor had pieces of bath soap sticking to it, making it slippery. The cover of the drain outlet was not where it was supposed to be, leaving a corridor for any kind of insect that had made the drain pipes its home. At night, we asked for an additional blanket and pillow. After reminding the hotel authorities repeatedly, one person finally came and gave us a pillow, and asked us to use the bed cover as a blanket. When we opened the cupboard on the head side of the bed to take out the blanket, we found small cockroaches playing hide and seek there. So we closed it hurriedly so as not to disturb them. The pillow was too dirty to be used, so we kept it aside and used the air-pillow that we had brought with us. We paid Rs.900 for this room, which seemed to be overpriced.
2. There are a few hotels available side by side, which may offer better rooms, but we did not check them.

Conclusion : It can be considered for one night stay, but only after exploring and negating other available options.
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