Hotel Rewalsar, Rewalsar (HPTDC)


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Hotel Rewalsar, Rewalsar (HPTDC)

Nice resort town, basically religious. The atmosphere is somewhat like Kasol.
From Sundernagar, proceed to Ner Chowk and turn LEFT instead of right (Mandi road).
A scenic route takes you to Rewalsar and an onward road meets up at Mandi.
This Hotel is a bare-bones (therefore cheap) budget hotel. Very nice location on high ground and of course ample parking and a wee garden.
Food is the regular HPTDC style stuff - perfectly acceptable and nothing to write home about.

Some views of Rewalsar town:

And that is me doing a water-crossing!!
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How far would this route (left from Ner chowk) be to Mandi be when compared with the one that we usually take for Mandi from the chowk?


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Go anup saab, go!!

On that note, some photo triplogs will do just fine :)

And yes, ahead of this, is the route for prashar lake that then goes onto kullu, right?