Hotel Royal Park, Gulmarg

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    Hotel Royal Park in Gulmarg is located on the Outer Gulmarg Road, a little ahead of the parking lot and the hotels there.

    It is located at a vantage point and although the rooms (at least mine) do not offer a good view of Gulmarg. Stepping out on the courtyard is enough to get a panoramic view.


    There is enough parking space for vehicles and the hotel itself is located at a sufficient distance away from the hustle and bustle to offer relatively quieter stay.

    The hotel looks good from the outside.


    However, once inside the room, it is altogether a different story.

    The room I got was big and must have been great at one point, but now, it is shabbily maintained.

    The headboard behind the bed was peeling from one side from the wall.



    Water was leaking in the toilet and the handle of the toilet jet came off the first time I used it. Same happened with Satpreet in another room of the hotel, so I guess their bathroom fittings need a major overhaul.


    There is centralized heating. However, with frequent power outages I witnessed in Gulmarg, it was useless. Wi-Fi too stopped working at night, as per other guests. And none of the rooms were provided with drinking water. Thankfully, we had water bottles with us, so we didn't need it.

    The breakfast buffet was okish at best, nothing to write home about.

    Overall, considering the rooms are priced at Rs. 4,500 plus taxes for single occupancy (EP) and after factoring in the condition and quality of the rooms, Hotel Royal Park seems way overpriced!

    Hotel Royal Park
    Outer Gulmarg Link Road,
    Jammu and Kashmir 193403
    Tel: 01954-254561, 254562, 254473

    Disclaimer: I stayed at Hotel Royal Park during the FAM Tour of Kashmir and hence didn’t pay for anything. However, the review written above is unbiased.

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