Hotels in Kerela - Review needed


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@Kovalam: Uday Samudra hotel..i stayed there last year and its nice hotel and the back gate of hotel opens at the of the beaches in Kovalam are much crowded then this one..
+1 for Uday samundra..
Nice information about hotel.Kovalam is my favorite place in Kerala.I would like to visit again at this summer with my friends.I need to be arrange residence facility i hope this information will be very helpful for that..thank you.May i know the rent and distance from beach.Some more facilities you enjoyed there..please share about that..thank you


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There are thousands of houseboats available. Check with HVKumar - There is a person from the forum itself who is into the business there.
Is that person still around? I need few suggestion and finalize my houseboat for my upcoming Kerala trip.