How are these camps & hotels?


I plant to stay at the following camps & hotels during my trip in mid-June and feedback will be welcome:

Leh: Snow View Hotel, Upper Changspa;

Hunder: Snow Leopard Guest House

Turtuk: Turtuk Resort & Camp

Sumur: A O Camping Gardens

Tso Pangong: Pangong Retreat at Mann village; I feel this part of the lake will have more privacy than Spangmik as very few day tourists come up so far;

Tso Moriri: Tso Moriri Resort & Camp

Tso Kar: Tso Kar Resort & Camp

Dha & Hanu: Suggestions needed. If I need to visit only one of these, which is more scenic and has a better place to stay overnight.

Yogesh Sarkar

While staying at Man and Merak Village will give you more privacy, these places have even scant infrastructure than Spangmik and Lunkung. So if you don't like food or anything else there, you won't have many if any choices.


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Had stayed at A O Camping Gardens, Sumur a few years ago. It was a small GH back then. The owner was a pretty young fellow always ready to help.


Thanks Yogesh for alerting me to this. If after the first night, I don't like the food there, I'll shift to Redstart in Spangmik. Has anyone covered the Pangong Retreat in Mann?


There is only one guesthouse at Dha - The Skyabapa guest house. No other option to stay. It is run by a lady named Rizgin Dolma. Regarding the place, it is worth a visit if you're interested in chasing history of the Aryans. More of the history, the village life and its people.

Snow Leopard hotel at Hunder is a gem in my view.


Thanks nishchaya. I've decided to skip Dha and Hanu during this trip. Will do Zanskar on my next trip Insha Allah. Will confine myself to Ladakh this time.


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Snow View Hotel is great if you dont mind walking a bit to the market. David Sonam, the owner, has a wealth of information about the region. I have stayed there a couple of times, and have always had a great time.

I stayed at AO Camping Gardens a couple of years. It was run by an affable young fellow and his very cute 3 year old daughter.

I stayed at the Tso Kar Resort for the first time last year. I like it better than the Pastureland camp because they have rooms. Winds are pretty strong at Tso Kar in the evening and night. While sleeping in a at Tso Kar in the previous years was almost impossible for me, I slept quite well in the rooms at Tso Kar Resort.

Man Merak is recommended for Pangong. If you are particular about food, carry some raw stuff from Leh with you. The cook at Man will be happy to make whatever you like from it.

BTW, do you have the number of Tso Kar Resort? I seem to have lost it.

Some pictures for further motivation :)

Tso Kar


Tso Moriri


Satie, thank you for the extremely useful inputs. And the pics are unbelievably gorgeous and literally out of the world.

I intend to stay a night at Hanle. Is it worth it?

How often have you visited Ladakh?

Tso Kar Resort & Camp:09622965002/09469450295/09622992350 Rigzin. I spoke to him the other day; seems an affable chap.


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Thanks guys. I am glad you like the pictures.

Ravi - Hanle is a bit far off. So, I would recommend staying a couple of nights there. Or combine it with a stop at Tso Moriri. Hanle is fantastic! I have visited twice, and would like to visit again. You can drive off towards the plains behind the village to look for the Tibetan Gazelle. Sightings are few, if any, but the are is wonderful.

I will make my 5th trip to Ladakh next month.

I will recommend having at least a couple of weeks to see the places you have on your list. It takes a bit of time to reach various locations in Ladakh. Don't come up with a hit and run itinerary. Enjoy the places you visit. Spend time with the locals - your homestay owner will tell you a lot about the region. For example, ask the locals to show you where the silk route passed through in Nubra when you visit Sumur.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the Rigzin's numbers.

Laal Pahadi, Hanle