How can I post videos?

Yogesh Sarkar

If a photo is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth thousands of photos. To share a video with your fellow travelers, you would first have to upload that video online.

One of the most famous free service to upload your video to is YouTube. Once you have uploaded your video to youtube, you can share it with rest of the members by copying the URL of the video and embedding it in a thread or a reply.

Here is how to go about posting the video on BCMTouring.

1. Copy the url of the video, present in the address bar of your browser.

2. Click on the Insert video icon, as show below.


3. Paste the URL of the video and hit ok.


Once you have done that, video would appear like this in the post.

And after you submit the post/thread, it will be visible on the page like this.

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these days flickr has videos too! and they provide an HTML code to embed the video! can i embed that? how?

Yogesh Sarkar

Nitin not yet, we currently only support embedding of videos from the following website; YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo, Google, MetaCafe, LiveLeak, LiveVideo, Photobucket and Expert Village.


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Hello YS,

When I upload videos from youtube to my post they appear in a link format. For example like this.

But I have seen posts with videos themselves appearing in the post. For example like this.

How do I make my videos appear in the post itself. I think I did read it somewhere here (or maybe in the other forum) but I cant seem to find it now.

What am I missing, Kindly help.


Yogesh Sarkar

Sorry about that. I should have updated the tutorial, when we updated the forum software. You now need to embed it, using the insert video button (have updated the tutorial about with updated instructions and I am editing your post to embed the video.