How do I reply to a topic/thread/query?

Yogesh Sarkar

If you wish to reply to an existing topic, simply open that topic and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will see this window:


In this window you can type your response and once you written your response, you can click on the Post Quick Reply button located below this window and you response would be posted in the topic.


Is there any shortcut to reply individual comments (from 3 different ppl) in one post or am I suppose to do "Reply with quotes" 3 times, consolidate and put them in reply box.
This is how I have been doing so far and I am sure there is something which will come handy :)

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Aah, got the answer in another thread. Thanks to Anup Sir

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I have been part of bcmtouring for a while now but still do not know how to tag friends/members. Can someone guide? Thanks in advance