How do you discover new cafes/restaurants/places?


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When going out and wondering which place how do you discover new places?
Through Zomato? Foursquare? Friends recommendations?


Make list and check it be abcd or randomly.

Reviews can also suggest some basic points.
But reviews are normally biased and an experienced person can filter it easily.
You have to hit and try most places.

Tilak Francis

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I check in google maps and based on the reviews, venture out. So far it matches with the review. I check the reviewer background too just to judge when a reviewer says pocket-friendly, family compatible etc.


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I use a mix of Foursuare and Zomato. Look at location photos, food shots. See number of people giving the reviews.

A lot of the time, places that have attempted a decent ‘distinct look’, also tend to have slightly better food. You can feel the founders who have taken the time and effort to make the place look in a certain way also tend to spend time and effort to ensure the food tastes a certain way.