How has your life changed in Covid-19 crisis?


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The paper was published in one of the IEEE journals which are good journals. I did not know about it until one day I saw the paper. I could see my writing without my name on the paper.

But that is OK. This stuff happens sometimes and I assume that people had some majbori that I am not aware of
That Majboori is nothing but other name of inability to be imaginative and do some hard work.
Another issue in India is 'plagrism' here writing of original thesis writer are bit editited with change of some words and grammar.

NSIT is prestigious Sarkari engineering Institute in Delhi some time back It's head was found without any paper of his research work and he was given time to do so. Instead of doing research and put his time bit what he does is simply put his name on thesis of someone else. This someone else was a professor working under him and Media had to be approached for nailing the culprit.
Otherwise such things were deemed to be normal in such situations till this poor professor protested.

Btw Now Russia is being accused of doing same on research work on Carona Vaccine.