How many of you remember this Classic Travel log

Have you come across a better trip ?

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Hey guys

How many of you remember this classic and epic biking trip by Praveen KM =D>
It was a sheer inspiration for many during that time and I doubt if anyone can pull it off again.

Though I have done many bike trips and by gods grace couple of my trips have also got published in newspapers , yet if anyone asks
I still tell them that this is the BAAP ( master) of all Bike Trips - a true inspiration

If any adventure loving person in this group has not read this Epic , then you should
and let me know if you have come across an equally good or even better travelblog ( please be sincere and don't use this opportunity to promote your own travel log )

Ps: Its not my Travel log :) LOL

Destination Unknown
Destination Unknown...

Tilak Francis

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Sounds interesting.
I will read and give you my feed back on the travelogue you mentioned.
Solo bike ride travelogues kindles my interest.
From what I have read in BCMT forum, my favourite has been Khagesh sir travelogues.

Tilak Francis

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Today I completed reading the whole travelogue of Destination unknown by Praveen. Simply overwhelmed. This is one of a kind. But I do feel there are interesting travelogues both here in BCMT as well as beyond Bcmt, each with different emotions, budgets, and involving bare minimal to sophisticated gadgets.