How many steps can you climb non stop?

My office at Unitech Cyber Park Gurgaon:

Daily do (3-4 times a day) 4 Floors - 24 stairs each floor = 24*4 = 96 steps
Every now and then (From Parking) 6 floors - 24 stairs each floor = 24*6 = 144 steps

Once did 12 floors - 24 stairs each floor = 24*12 = 288 steps

Any one using Runkeeper App on iphone, any running freak here?

Any one running Airtel Delhi run on 30th Sept?


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Winters are here, climbing steps is now much easier. Looking to hit 300+ steps...have to figure out which building has that many steps, probably a trip to mumbai will give the opportunity, provided the staircase are open to visitors in those mega structure high rises.

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Viny it is very good exercise, even you can do it without doing anything, it is really better time pass without watching TV, i used to climb stairs when i have not stretched up fully. just three months back as timepass I have climbed 144 storeys without stop, means done stairs 144 (16 stairs up & down for 1 storey ) times single storey house, 1 up 1 down basis.


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144 storeys with 16 stairs each :shock:

Total 2304 stairs nonstop ..heartattack ...:shock:

By the way which building has 144 storeys to climb up?

Mangesh Bramhe

I got BlackJack3d
This aint about how much I can climb up non-stop. Its the total i do in a day!!
Just calculated the number of stairs that i climb up & climb down in my Office Bldg. A total of 84 steps (office on 6th floor). So, I climb up & climb down a total 12 times (6 times up + 6 times down) in my 9 to 5 day!! So that means, 504 steps climb up and 504 steps climb down!! And I am doing this everyday for d past 4 days and will continue to do so (the fitness freak I am trying to become)!!
Couple this with a proper heavy workout every alternate evening (Monday + Wednesday + Friday)!! I am really feeling happy about it!! Long way to go, none the less!!
Also, at my home, we have 2 floors and I have to do up and down at-least 5-6 times a day. So that comes to around another 80-90 steps!!
The only negative thing about whatever I do is that, out of the 12 times I use the stairs in office, 10 times is because I have to go down to have a smoke!! :(
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