How many steps can you climb non stop?


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This aint about how much I can climb up non-stop. Its the total i do in a day!!
Just calculated the number of stairs that i climb up & climb down in my Office Bldg. A total of 84 steps (office on 6th floor). So, I climb up & climb down a total 12 times (6 times up + 6 times down) in my 9 to 5 day!! So that means, 504 steps climb up and 504 steps climb down!! And I am doing this everyday for d past 4 days and will continue to do so (the fitness freak I am trying to become)!!
Couple this with a proper heavy workout every alternate evening (Monday + Wednesday + Friday)!! I am really feeling happy about it!! Long way to go, none the less!!
Also, at my home, we have 2 floors and I have to do up and down at-least 5-6 times a day. So that comes to around another 80-90 steps!!
The only negative thing about whatever I do is that, out of the 12 times I use the stairs in office, 10 times is because I have to go down to have a smoke!! :(
Be carefull about your knees along with lungs :)

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
Viny it is very good exercise, even you can do it without doing anything, it is really better time pass without watching TV, i used to climb stairs when i have not stretched up fully. just three months back as timepass I have climbed 144 storeys without stop, means done stairs 144 (16 stairs up & down for 1 storey ) times single storey house, 1 up 1 down basis.
Yesterday I have done it 153 times almost 2500 stairs non stop in almost 1 hour & 20 minutes continuously. All of my family members are enjoying movie, but I felt it is better way to utilize the precious time.:rolleyes:
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Be a Good person but Don't try to Prove.
Only two floors of my office two times per day & one floor of house per day.
But have done Vaishno Devi 6 times, all on foot including one time bare footed & Kedarnath once.:)