How much you pay for Streaming Services?

Yogesh Sarkar

It seems like there has been a sudden increase in the number of streaming services in India and almost everyone wants you to subscribe to their service.

So I was wondering, how much BCMTians are spending on streaming services and which ones have you subscribed to?

Yogesh Sarkar

I only use Netflix and the good ol Youtube.

Netflix has most of the good shows and has me covered for most of the time.
Which plan have you subscribed to?

Right now I am paying for Netflix and Prime Video, might just stop Netflix subscription for a month or two, since I no longer find anything quite interesting on it.


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Sir for me hotstar is just for
Big bang theory

Though these are mainstream series and quite common but these are the series to which you can revert back at any time.

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Rohit Kothari

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Is Hotstar Premium really worth it? Do they keep adding new movies and series?
I use both Hotstar premium and Amazon prime. I had a netflix subscription long time back but cancelled it as at that time the content was very less.
The streaming experience on prime is way better than hotstar. Prime is more user friendly. As for the series, there are lots of mainstream series on hotstar and new movies do get added but not that frequently.
I like prime for its ease of use and the fact that new movies get added on a regular basis. I am seriously considering giving up my satellite dish and living with prime, hotstar and netflix.