How To Backup Maps on Mobiles - Sygic etc.

Most of us do not take backup of maps we have on our Mobiles or Tabs etc.
Mostly after any hardware problem or any error in software our data gets corrupted.
Maps are most heavy data and nobody want to spend so much time and data cost also.
Please share your experiences.
As I am not an expert, just a new user only.
What to do?

How to Backup Sygic Maps?
Sygic GPS Navigation Android ? put maps on external sd card |

Sygic GPS Navigation Android – put maps on external sd card
I managed to find a solution to put Sygic GPS Navigation
v.11.0.1 and v.11.0.2 maps for Android on external sd card.

Here are the steps:

1. Install Sygic GPS Navigation on your Android phone.

2. Start the Sygic Download application and download your favorites maps.

3. After download is completed close the Sygic Download application and connect your phone in USB storage mode to a PC.

4. On the PC side, move all content except database.xml and base-is-ok.txt from Aura folder on the internal phone memory to a folder called Aura on the external_sd card.

So after this process on the internal phone memory should be a folder called Aura with 2 files in it: database.xml and base-is-ok.txt and on the external_sd card in the Aura folder should be all the files needed by Sygic.

5. Make a back-up copy of database.xml then open it with Notepad editor. You will see that the file is pretty consistent. While in Notepad press CRTL+H and the find and replace option appears.

In the Find what field write:Aura/

In the Replace with write:external_sd/Aura/

Now press Replace All then Save the file (CTRL+S).

6. Disconnect storage from PC and start Sygic GPS Navigation. The program should start with no problem.

Make sure to not start Sygic Download application after this process as it will erase everything from the external_sd and will re-download the maps to internal phone memory. If you want new maps you have to start the process all over again or move the maps to a temporary folder, start Sygic Download, download new maps, and repeat the whole process from step 3.

If something goes wrong and your Sygic GPS Navigation application is not working or you just want to go to default program folders you can always delete the Aura folder from internal phone memory and external sd card but be aware you’ll lose all the downloaded maps.

Or without loosing the downloaded maps, you can move the content of Aura folder from the external sd card back to Aura folder on the internal phone memory, delete database.xml file, restore the back-up file and everything should be fine.

I will not be held responsible for any damage done to YOUR PHONE. Do this at your own risk.

This method was tested by me on Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II with Android 2.3.3 stock rom.


Now if Sygic does not work after this operation, try these modifications to the procedure:

Step 4. Do not move all files from the source Aura/ directory. In external_sd create directory Aura and in it Maps so you have ‘external_sd/Aura/Maps’. Next MOVE all subdirectories of Aura/Maps to the newly created ‘external_sd/Aura/Maps’. You can also COPY the remaining files just in case.

Step 5. Instead of replacing all Aura/ with external_sd/Aura replace Aura/Maps with external_sd/Aura/Maps. Next go to file Android/settings.ini and replace ‘MapPath=/../Maps’ with ‘MapPath=/../../external_sd/Aura/Maps’ and voilà, you have maps on external card.

PS. Maps take up significant space. However if you want to free up more in internal phone memory you can probably do the same steps for Aura/Res which seems to contain some couple hundred megabytes of voice files (haven’t tried this myself).

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Please add more info
as things change fast.
Above remedy is old one.
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Sygic Website Support -How To Backup Maps on Mobiles - Sygic etc.

Sygic Website has shown
"How to move Sygic Maps to Your SD Card" in Android Mobile Phone,
on their support page.

Move Your Sygic Maps to SD Card in Android:
Android ? How do I move Sygic: GPS Navigation to my SD card? : Sygic Support

This is done with help of
Astro File Manager available on Google Market:

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Android – How do I move Sygic: GPS Navigation to my SD card?
Karel - posted this on October 10, 2012 13:00​

There is a possibility to store the data from our navigation to your SD card. For this purpose, you can use an application named Astro File Manager.

Please note that each file manager has a different interface and therefore works differently.

First of all locate the /Sygic folder in the memory of your device, touch and hold the folder and then select Move folder

SD 1 Android move Sygic 15.jpg

In this case the SD card is located in /mnt/sdcard/external_sd.

Please note that the SD card location can be different for other devices.

ADVANCED: It is also possible to have the maps separately on your SD card, while you have everything else on your internal memory.

Please note that for this it's necessary to know the exact path to your Maps folder relative to your Sygic/Android folder.

So if the Maps folder was in the same folder as the Android folder, then the destination would be "/../Maps" (../ means up by one folder)

You can change this path manually through the Sygic/Android/settings.ini file

There are two paths that are necessary to change - see which on the picture below:

Sygic 16.jpg

Just change this to the exact path of your Maps folder relative to your Sygic/Android folder and you'll be able to read
your maps from the SD card while the rest of the Sygic folder is on your internal memory.

An example:

Your Sygic folder:

Folder for settings.ini: SDcard1/Sygic/Android

Maps folder: SDcard2/Maps

In this case, the maps folder is: /../../../SDcard2/Maps

However you'll need to find the exact path yourself, as each device has it differently.

Some devices might not support these options.

If you move the app to the SD card, run our app and it starts re-downloading the resources or crashing then you have one of these devices.

Unfortunately this is not fixable at the moment as it's a fixed setting of the Android variation that your device is using.
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