How to clean sensor in DSLR


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I have noticed a speck of dust on my Canon 60D. After talking around and taking the camera to the Canon store here at Jalandhar, I have been told that the camera will have to be taken to Gurgaon for cleaning the sensor and would require atleast a weeks time. I have read somewhere that cleaning the sensor is a very minor thing and can easily be done by self. I would request the pros to give a feedback on the same (as to whether cleaning of sensor should be attempted) and in case it is to be then the link to any comprehensive guide/key on the internet.
Most camera manufacturers warn against any other type of cleaning by the user due to a risk of damage to the the glass cover that protects the actual sensor. Such damage would call for a full sensor module replacement (very expensive!) because the glass cover cannot be removed if it becomes damaged.


Does your camera have sensor cleaning by sensor vibration mode? Try that 2-3 times.
Another option is to use a bulb blower to blow out the dust. Even after these attempts if the dust does not move then the dust is stuck to the sensor glass and will need a wet cleaning.
For wet cleaning you'll need to but special pec pad and liquid cleaner.
WARNING! Do not use any other wet cleaner other than the specified one.
Sensor cleaning system for digital camera.



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Yes Henry it has manual sensor cleaning and auto cleaning of sensor on start. I have tried it a couple of times but does not seem to have worked. THeres just a small spot on the right hand corner. You can see it in some of the photos of my latest travelogue. Also what exactly is a bulb blower. Any place on the net from where I can pick it up.


Bulb Blower:

Thanks Yogesh...
I am not yet clear on "original lens pen" ?

By the way I see the following two deals on FK... do you think it will be a good buy ?
Benro Cleaning Kit Lens Cleaner
Vanguard CK3N1 Lens Cleaner

Appreciate If you can point me to something more appropriate
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Yogesh Sarkar:
Get the Benro kit (or buy it locally) and this Lenspen LP-1 Lens Cleaner - Lenspen:
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