How to click good Portraits


nischaya has analyzed your picture very well.
I did not comment much on the background because I know you have shot this at an event and usually in that situation you can't do much.
However, you could improve on your pictures by using external flash. You first meter the ambient light and then underexpose it by couple of stops using flash.
This will render the bg darker but not black and your subject will be properly exposed by the flash.


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Even as an ID photo I'd like it better this way: (Basically trying to avoid the large smudge at top left)



Where is the remote?
Yes...I faced too much difficulty to tone down. Even when clicking flowers I can not do justice. Practice I need more practice.
Use exposure compensation. There are a lot of articles on this subject available on the Internet.

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One straight out of camera JPEG. Yet to convert the RAW . Critique please. This was shot with legendary nikkor 135 f2 DC wide open. This lens gives you just enough sharpness at F2 and a creamy meltdown of the background, see the colour meltdown behind her face? That is a Pepsi stall :p. I have not touched anything in this pic ISO 1000 , f2 and shutter speed only 1/60 sec. I rested my elbow on a chair handle so the shake issue was mitigated.



1. First and foremost thing that has caught my attention from a critique's perspective is the color of the hair. Certain strands look blue to me.
2. The crop - just a bit tighter towards the left and eliminate some space above the head too.
3. The exposure seems almost perfect for ambient light, perhaps a 1/3 stop more would make it more vibrant. The skin tone is a bit pale, especially with a shade of yellow to the right cheek/nose.

I can't find anything negative. The above comments were just for the sake of critique. The picture is indeed wonderful for a SOOC image.