How to disable auto merging of posts


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How would it be if you give the 'Automerge' as an option to the user to decide.

In preferences, you may give a button to enable or disable automerge. Or an icon in 'composing reply' section would help where use can use this for particular set of previous posts or wants the latest one not to be mergd with previous.

Just a thought.

Yogesh Sarkar

You honestly believe that people who love to bump their threads (who are a bigger headache than people doing it unknowingly) would enable auto merge feature for their own accounts?


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When a log is updated it no longer moves up the list or gets highlighted.
So how are members going to know which threads have new material?

Yogesh Sarkar

That is also one of the intended purpose of auto merge feature, so that people aren’t able to bump up their threads repeatedly.