How To Draw Map Route On Google Maps for Directions

How To Draw Map Route On Google Maps for Directions?
This is a common problem that we all face.
When we have to tell people how to come at a particular place.
Google Maps are easy to approach who have computers.

Check this page:
How to Create a Customized Map with Google Maps |

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Classic Google maps:

New Style Google Map:




I can understand that above links are for experts only.

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Here is my simple method:
Go to Google Maps page.
If You know the point where is You want people to be there,
find that place in Google Map.
Zoom at the place.
Now Right Click at the point where You want to Mark as Point A.
Select Directions from here.
You will find the Point A is marked with a pointer.
Now take look at a nearby known point.
You will get 2 places with known points.

Now You want to add a point in between for proper direction.
If point is not known just right click there and select
"Add A Destination"
You will get a Point B in between.
Now You have 3 points on Directions side bar.
Similarly make a large map.

You can take image of that by
Pressing on PRINT SCREEN Key of You Key Borard.
just press at a "Link Graphic" (Small Orange Arrow Image)
on the Google Maps Page.
Copy the text of link (shown in Blue selected text Big Orange Arrow is pointed)
to send a live link to be open in a Google Maps on a Desktop Browser.

You can paste this link in email or anywhere to send as link.
If this is not linked then copy the text and paste it in any browser.
Same Route Map will be opened as it is.
Check for below image:,+Block+B,+Ramesh+Nagar,+New+Delhi,+Delhi&hl=en&ll=28.638321,77.098875&spn=0.044445,0.054846&sll=28.649187,77.124066&sspn=0.01111,0.013711&geocode=FenItAEd_AWYBA;FVXWtAEdohKYBA;FcImtQEdqcyYBA;FbQitQEdWNmYBCkPgDbUDAMNOTHT-_fhz9_jow&oq=Raja+Garden+Flyover&t=h&gl=in&mra=ls&z=14

The above link in big size.
If You want to make it short just Tick / Press on box before "Short URL" and
a new short link will appear in few seconds.
Now cut and paste it as per your requirement anywhere.
This is short URL of the example link:

No Need to sign in Google Maps.
Do it as a normal viewer.

A Google Map's Print Screen Image:
Route Map 5.jpg

If You know other simple tricks, please share for everybody's benefit.
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