How to get a international driving licence?


Hi guys! well Iam thinking of getting a international licence but really dont know where to go about here in delhi..ppl really dont listen in authority!!that is for sure! and how much will i have to shell out for an international licence??
any ideas?


Yogesh Sarkar

International driving permits are issued from various zonal offices. The validity of this permit is for one year. You are required to get your license from the country your visiting within one year period. Following documents are to be produced at the time of applying for a International driving permit :

Valid driving license issued.
Attested copy of address proof.
Attested copy of Birth certificate Valid passport Valid Visa Fee of Rs. 200/-
Two passport size photograph.

The International driving permit is issued from 9.00 AM to 3.00 PM from HQ :

International Driving Licence Unit,
Transport Department (HQ) 1st floor,
5/9 Under Hill Road, Delhi-110054

Source: Delhi Government

Yogesh Sarkar

Which reminds me of another thing, from the looks of the rules it looks like the IDL is country specific, in that case what do RTW riders do?


Its not IDL, its IDP, international driving permit. The IDP by itself is not a license, its a permit which along with your license is valid for driving/riding.

I got mine through AASI

Additional expenses for AASI membership, but its a lifetime membership, so it has its own advantages since AA provides more services than just IDP.

The IDP that you will get would have the same license class as whats on your original one, I have IDP for both two and four wheelers. IDL is not country specific. It is valid internationally and not issues for a specific country (list of countries may not include all in the world ;) ).

The procedure was simple and very quick in AASI for me. The whole thing took less than 30mins. Only thing is you'd need to get life membership first.

The procedure and items needed are listed in the site.

Forgot to mention, if you are renting a car abroad and using services like Hertz/Avis etc they will accept your Indian license if you are on a short term visa (social/tourist/business visa)
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Well thanx a lot guys!! for such detailed info.:D

SKSy_Biker: Indian driving licence is accepted as for tourists that is great but its only accepted with selected renting companies i guess? i mean u just cant drive you relative car and roam around? is it like this?

@darky: yeah why is that.. i mean if they can give it for cars why not for 2 wheelers? but its what you heard..

what if i drive my friends car/bike will indian licence work for a tourist?? i really dont think so??


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Anyone from Kolkata thinking about getting IDP?? We may get it done through AAEI. I will be giving them a visit soon.