How to get a international driving licence?

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I wish I had got a bit more info than available on offcial website, things may have been a bit easier.
Anyway, I got my IDP today from New Delhi . The procedure is explained below.

1. The website lists only Rajpur Road Transport Authority isssues IDP. However the IDP is issued from all authorities in each zone and serves applicants holding driving Licence issued from the same authority / zone only.

2. The working timings of the Authority start from 08:30 AM and includes Saturday (half day only) also excluding 2nd Saturday.

3. The documents required include Original + attested Copy of
a) Passport
b) Valid Visa
c) Driving Licence
d) Proof of Address
e) Proof of Date of Birth
f) Photographs - 4 Nos.

4. Forms to be filled up include
a) Form 1 (Download from Internet)
b) Form 1a (Download from Internet)
c) Form 4a (Download from Internet ?? I could not locate but available at the Counter)

With all these attested documents, a fees of Rs. 500/- is to be paid.

The IDP is issued on the same day itself. As I had produced Licence from UAE and Bahrain, where I have lived for a considerable period, No Questions or Road Signs were asked or maybe it is not in the criteria at all. So I cannot comment on the merits of issuing the IDP.

Hope above information shall be useful to members.

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Let me continue ..

Now that I am in US, I have tried renting Cars from Hertz, Avis and few others in Pennsylvania.

They all accept just the Indian Driving Licence and probably International Drving Permit would be required to be produced to the cops in the event of any traffic violation.
I rented Car from Hertz for a Week, Unlimited Mileage and drove over to Canada.

Only problem encountered was that they all demanded Credit Card from major agencies in the name of the Driver. Initially they insisted on it, but were kind enough to allow my Daughter's Card. One of them was adamant and even insisted on Credit Card and not Debit Card.

Next trial would be at Orlando this week end.

Shall keep posted.