How to get Hotel (Bhutan) Booking confirmation without paying advance.


Hello friends
I want to travel to Bhutan by road next month. I do not want to pre book hotel in Thimpu and Paro due to uncertainty of the dates. I know there is 100% refund but I don't want do that hassle.

Booking confirmation is required for the entry permit to Bhutan. IMHO this is funny rule at least for the one taking road trip in his own car. This rule is clearly to help tour operators and premium hotels in Bhutan.

Considering this, is there any way out?

Yogesh Sarkar

I am not sure if you can book hotels without giving advance. No hotel wants to end up with unsold inventory and if you are cancelling just a day or two before you reach there, that is what they will end up with.

In fact, I doubt you will get more than 50% refund so close to the travel dates, even on travel sites offering refund.
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