How to make a picture small or Resize an Image ?

It is always a problem for most new comers here to upload pictures / images in quick / fast manner.

Please share your experience
how you resize your pictures / images and what software you use ?

Read this first.
How to start a travelogue ?
How to start a travelogue

How to upload pictures :
How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

New flash based attachment uploader enabled

Image Size is now increased from 3 Feb 2019 onwards !
Image Attachment Size has been increased. Now you upload images with a maximum width of 1800 pixels and maximum height of 1000 pixels.

Images larger than this but smaller than 8MB will be resized automatically by the server.

Image Attachment Size Increased

For Picture /image processing :
Before uploading to BCMTouring
Please check Your image files are not heavy.
Its size should be below 1MB per image.
Edit them to size 800 x 600 pixel.
Try cleaning "Cache of your browser" also.
If your net is good then this solution will work.

Now attach images in quick reply

How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

New flash based attachment uploader enabled

Read carefully 1st link.
May be only 1 image can be posted by that.
But atleast try.

Resize your pics to 800 x 600 pixel or little bigger, it will be resized automatically by server.

How to use Image Resizer ?
Image Resizing:

Image Resizer is free software by Microsoft to be used on XP, Win 7 and above.
This will make size of pics smaller and light weight in easy way.
Download Image Resizer from here:
Microsoft Image Resizer Download - Softpedia

Make a new folder and copy pics there.
Copy only those you want to resize.

Then do as told here:
No need to open in separate window.
Just select all pictures at once.
Right click (by mouse on selected pic)
A New window will open

ADJUST SIZE 1600 x 1200 or 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768

Custom : 1600 x 1200 pixels

Select "Resize the Original Pictures"


Size Selection

To select Original Pictures to be resized or choose size of your choice

In slow but steady process it will be done automatically.
But overall you can experience that this is faster and easiest.

Now all pics will be made to size accordingly and automatically.

This way size of per pic can be 100KB to 1MB maximum.

If in doubt just play with the new folder and pics and check their size.


Resize multiple images using Microsoft Picture Manager

EASIEST / LAZY WAY to Resize an Image:
Shortcut for Windows:

Select all images you want to resize.
Right Click >> Send to>> Mail (mail recipient) >>
A New Window will pop up
Attach Files >> Picture Size:
Medium 1024x768
Large 1280 x 1024

Choose Whatever You like.
total estimated size can also be seen here.
Click on Attach.
Another window will pop-up.
Do not click on OK.
Keep it open.

Open Search Bar.
Type %temp%
This will open Temp Folder in C Disk.
Now select your Resized Images.
Copy and paste on a Folder at desktop.
You are a Successful Image Resizer now.

Manual Resizing:
If You are on Windows 7 or above version
use Paint Program:

But this program will resize pics by opening it manually.
Resize a picture using Paint
To resize a picture using Paint

Open Paint by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Paint.

Click the Paint button Picture of the Paint button, click Open, click the picture you want to resize, and then click Open.
On the Home tab, in the Image group, click Resize.

In the Resize and Skew dialog box, select the Maintain aspect ratio check box so that the resized picture will have the same aspect ratio as the original picture.

If the Maintain aspect ratio check box is selected, you only need to enter the horizontal value (width) or vertical value (height). The other box in the Resize area is updated automatically.

Do one of the following in the Resize area, and then click OK:

To resize your picture by a certain percentage, click Percentage, and then enter a percentage to reduce the width by in the Horizontal box or a percentage to reduce the height by in the Vertical box.

To resize the picture so it's a specific size, click Pixels, and then enter a new width in the Horizontal box or new height in the Vertical box.

Click the Paint button Picture of the Paint button, point to Save as, and then click the picture file type for the resized image.
Type a new file name in the File name box, and then click Save.

Post Processing Programs:
Batch Resizing is when you resize many pictures / images in one go.
(These also can resize images)
IrfanView - Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide


PhotoScape : Free Photo Editing Software (Photo Editor) Download

GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program for windows 7 and above.
Microsoft photo editor in windows is also good.

This exercise is not only for uploading pics on BCMT but
You can put them in your Mobile for future reference or
showing your family and friends on the move.

You can read this article too:
How To Optimize Images For Your WordPress Website

Mobile :
And if you are on mobile,
then download this app or similar app to make your pic in desired resolution :
Image Optimizer - Android Apps on Google Play

If you don't have any such thing then just use Tapatalk,
Upload your pics on tapatalk and you need not to do anything else.

Edit : Image size increased to 8MB / 1800W x 1000H pixels
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Yogesh Sarkar

Few things to keep in mind, while resizing images for uploading to BCMTouring:

1. Resolution: If an image is wider than 1400px or longer than 900px, it will be resized by our server. For most images (apart from panoramas or 16:9 or similar crops) it is best to resize the vertical resolution to 900px and your editing/resizing software will automatically calculate the resolution for horizontal.
2. Make sure image is less than 800kb. Usually saving an image at 60 to 80% quality will result in a file which is less than 800kb.

If an image does not meet above two criteria, it is then automatically resized by our server. While we have the highest quality switched on, there is a bit of quality loss.

If you are uploading images to third party websites, then please keep in mind that some of them might be blocked at offices and there is always a possibility of their URL changing at a later date, which would mean that people won’t be able to see those images.
How to upload many / multiple images in a post ?

Check this reply box at lower side of page:

Press More Options

A full page to post reply will appear:

Keep pics ready to upload at a convenient place after resizing / editing etc..
Just select 10 pics at desktop and DRAG it to browser where this post Reply / Edit Post page is opened

Wait for images to upload as at top you will see Moving Loading Bars !
Few pics will start to appear at bottom side of post to reply / edit:

Now when your pics are uploaded.
Check as thumbnail appears.
Press on Full Image to post your pic.
You can press any image to appear first or second etc.
Then press Enter to give gaps of 1 Line.
Give 3-4 line gaps by pressing Enter by 4-5 times.

If some image is repeated, just press Delete button^
Now press Save Changes to post reply / edit to change.
or you can see Preview also.

If Pics are repeated,
check for
Pic No. looks like this
(ATTACH=full) 669681 (/ATTACH)

same No.
(ATTACH=full) 669681 (/ ATTACH)

where ever repeated.

() are [] in actual editing.

[ATTACH=full]679814[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]679815[/ATTACH]
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What is its size in MB and dimension?
If it is under limits then
Clear browser temp files etc.
Try again.
try from other browser.
if it is single image only,
you can email to Yogesh ji !
Paaji i have few pics of around 8-10 mb... how can i resize m upload it...
Resize it in any software.
Office picture viewer also has function to resize picsclick on resize picture.
Make it small in size of 1200x 800 resolution. Save it after filling resize value.
your pic will become in some 100s KB of memory size.