How to post your photos in a thread


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How to post your photos in a thread:

The most common method is to upload your photos to a photo sharing website like Photobucket or Yahoo Flickr and then post them along with your thread. Of course, you need to sign up at these websites first to be able to upload your photos, just as you signed up at the forum to post here. Keep in mind that not all photos sharing sites allow photos you uploaded to be posted elsewhere. Some websites like Tinypic allows you to upload photos without signing in, but are not recommended, since it becomes difficult to keep track of what you have uploaded. These are best used to post photos that you know won't be needed again, as I am doing now.

How to post once you upload your photos at a photo sharing website:

Method 1:

1. Every photo sharing site would give you a 'Direct link' or URL. Copy the link to clipboard.



2. Place the cursor where you want to insert the image in the message.
3. Click the Insert Image button above the Post New Message box.
4. Paste the link you copied into the box that pops up and click Ok.

Method 2:

1. Select the photo on a web page by dragging your mouse over it.
2. Use Ctrl + C to copy it to clip board.
3. Place the cursor in the message where you want to insert the image and then press Ctrl + V.


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When I attach the photo, I can easily do from manage attachment tool, but if I want to attach multipics and have to insert the comments in between I am not able to do so. Copy & paste trick doesn't work, as I am able to copy the pic but cannot paste the same here.


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Lets keep it very simple, I have a pic on my desktop (resized to the required size), How can I upload it (with comments) and without attaching it as a file ?
Ideally it should be simple copy/paste, however its not working :(