How to read IGL's Meter for PNG in residential apartments?


Thank you Sachin. For us, monthly consumption is coming around 8 or 9 SCM if I remember it correctly. A cylinder used to last for around 45-50 days, so I guess this would be costlier or almost the same.


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@YS: Before taking the plunge for PNG, we tried to crosscheck it with some neighbours who were of li'l help, as people usually don't play with numbers and figures! :grin:

After some homework we came to a conclusion that apart from cost benefit, it'll save us from hassles of booking, odd delivery hours, pilferage, etc.
Also there won't be an ugly, rusty & heavy barrel hidden in a cupboard under the kitchen slab!

The only hiccup was long delay in its installation after cheque clearance.


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SachinOnTop;878933 The only hiccup was long delay in its installation after cheque clearance.[/QUOTE said:
How much time did it take?
any followups required ? my cheque cleared in july 2013


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IIRC, I applied for a PNG connection in July-Aug'12 and was assured for a supply (till my gas-stove in kitchen) by the mid of Oct-2012.

But the external piping till the bottom of our building was done only in Feb'13. The final leg of supply to our gas-stove was done in end of Mar'13.
It was possible only after using some contacts to oblige the contractor to provide it soon at our residence. In the meantime I visited their branch office for our area for more than a dozen times!

Raise your patience levels! :grin:


Just received our first PNG bill of Rs. 578 for 9th August to 23rd September duration. Needless to say, this is an estimated bill by IGL, since no one actually came to check the reading. Furthermore, even today SCM reading is a little over 18, while they have billed us for 22.5 SCM by 23rd September!

Seems like another scam in the making, one which is likely to cause headache to common man and line up the pockets of politicians and such unethical companies.


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Why are you sensing a scam? Our first bill was also delivered based on assumed consumption.

Yesterday an outsourced personnel from IGL came to our house for a manual reading. He was allowed entry by my family only after verifying his ID card and record book/register.
Since installation, this is the only annoyance I'm facing with PNG usage so far. :(


Because they are asking me to pay Rs. 248 (without including VAT) more than what I should have actually paid and this is something I will have to keep doing, till they eventually come to check the meter and bill the actual amount.

Now even if they charge Rs. 200 per family extra from 1000 families, then they end up with Rs. 200,000 as extra revenue, which they can use to finance their operations. Money which they would likely had to pay Rs. 20,000 a year as interest and money which would have earned those families Rs. 16,000 a year in interest!

Add to this, they sat on Rs. 6000 deposit for 7 months, before installation was done i.e. Rs. 60,00,000 from 1000 families, without even a single rupee paid as interest!

While the amount might seem trivial at even 1000 families level, however if you factor in several lakhs of connections they will likely have in Delhi, this becomes a huge amount and loss to not only end consumer, but also the banks, who would have otherwise financed that money!


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This is done by Electricity Companies also,
if You check yearly record,
You will get my point.
Check each & every Bill of last 20+ years.
You will be shaken.


BSES hasn’t done this yet, though DJB has on pretty regular basis. But then again, we rarely pay those unchecked bill and they don’t do anything for months, so it kind of balances out. But here, it is a different thing altogether.