How to read IGL's Meter for PNG in residential apartments?


They will constantly hike rates, since PNG prices aren't subsidised and impact only few people.

As for flames, yes they are stronger and produce more heat.


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One thing I want to share here, is that ladies of my family noticed that the flame of PNG comes at more 'pressure' and even at the lowest setting on gas-stove, the heat (sometimes) is much higher than required and needs a constant attention while cooking food else it might get burnt! :eek:
Yes, the flame is quite high compared to LPG.


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A Regulator means to regulate flow of gas. It may be done by a good regulator and in series before gas stove.
If it is permissible to use.


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@SatinderJi and Sahil Bhai:

The knob is there, but will it be safe to use it to lower the pressurized flow of gas?


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@SatinderJi and Sahil Bhai:

The knob is there, but will it be safe to use it to lower the pressurized flow of gas?
Yes, this was advised to me by the IGL People only.
Just adjust the knob to a point where you feel the flame intensity is fine for you and leave it.
Don't rotate it again and again. Just set it and let it be there.


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Just received our first PNG bill of Rs. 578 for 9th August to 23rd September duration. Needless to say, this is an estimated bill by IGL, since no one actually came to check the reading. Furthermore, even today SCM reading is a little over 18, while they have billed us for 22.5 SCM by 23rd September!

Seems like another scam in the making, one which is likely to cause headache to common man and line up the pockets of politicians and such unethical companies.
Thanks to 'Sachin On Top' and 'Yogesh Sarkar (Admin)' for raising such an interesting and a transparent topic that is usually topped aside by all of us. The admin has sensed it as a scam and i guess he is correct. If you ask your neighbors and friends you will find that almost all of them have a few estimated bills. Actually the meter reading is in meter cube which is further converted into standard cubic meter (SCM). Now let me ask you a question .... :) CAN YOU CONVERT YOUR METER READING INTO SCM. The answer will be NO... Actually to calculate SCM you need some values and some of them are
  • Operating Pressure in Kilo Pascals
  • Operating Temperature in degree Celsius (or depending upon the unit can also be in kelvin) (vary with season)
  • Gas volume at operating conditions in Meter Cube
  • Standard Pressure in Kilo Pascal
  • Standard Temperature in degree Celsius (or depending upon the unit can also be in kelvin)
  • Altitude
  • Relative humidity (vary with season)
According to a standard called ISO2533 which is i believe is used by IGL A portion of registration form says

So the
  • Standard pressure will be 101.325 kPa ( 760 Torr )
  • Standard temperature will be 15 degree Celsius
  • Altitude of Delhi is 216 m so Operating pressure will be 98.9 kPa
But operating temperature and relative humidity varies with season and time therefore i don't know how they are calculating the SCM for every month. From my IGL Bills i can clearly see the values are bogus and fraudulent.
I would like to tell you a story or better a joke... I have an IGL connection which was left unused for a few months (around 5 months) after the installation but IGL have generated the estimated bill of Rs.4000 approx for a meter reading of 0.067 meter cube. I have sent photographs of meter reading on whatsapp which they prefer (unprofessional way for Govt.) and also sent some emails but they have not rectified this issue. The bigger picture is that they are generating this type of bills for many users and we are all unaware of it. On the back side of IGL bill 9th point is "The actual metered consumption (which is in cubic meter) is converted into standard cubic meter by multiplying with conversion factor for billing." i have searched online but this conversion factor is not available anywhere. If somebody knows about it i request to share it.



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Don't know reason but now bill is much more than earlier.
May be cost is increased or such practice is there.