How to relish all food at Dinning table


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Eating a buffet meal while moving around and eating while sitting comfortably stationary on chair of Dinning table can be two different experiences. While in buffet style you do not have to worry about second helping of particular dish without disturbing any other person having his food but on a long dinning table spread your reach is limited to very few dishes which are just in front and at arms length. You have to always keep on asking some other diner to pass on the far away dish.
In a Large gathering this could be a problem and a shy person will not be able to even taste all food available on spread.

What to do in such cases.

This video will explain what I mean. I too find myself in such odd situation.

Is eating Buffet not better then sitting around Dinning table?


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There are tradeoffs. The buffet meal is better in that you can get whatever you want and no one really is watching you because you are pulling things off from a bottomless pit. That is, once a container gets empty then it gets replaced. The downside is that you eat a lot. On the table, people are watching you in a way. There is only so much food and you have to balance what you take and what you leave for others. If you are worried about over eating then dinner table is always a better option.

The reach issue may or may not be a problem if you have servers standing behind you. This would be a hybrid setting where these servers may also take your plates away when you are done and give you new plates as usually done in multi course meals in top restaurants.


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If you are worried about over eating then dinner table is always a better option.
If health is the main criteria then salads are a must . If we look at Imran Khan's seat he is far away from both plates of green salad. His plates does not have any salads and no one is offering him salads. Servers, if there are any, at most must be asking him for another hot Roti or some more rice. Most of things are beyond his reach.
Plus one man who is trying to act smart and is standing to grab the things is been told by others to take food from other side.