How to reply to multiple posts


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Here's a sample:

Multi-Quote option.

You can reply to many posts in one post of yours:
Select each of the posts you wish to quote by clicking on the multiquote button -
(shown in pic towards bottom right side, cursor). As you click each button, a red dot appears in that button. Like this:


On the last post wish to quote, click on

In the new box that opens, you will see each of the selected posts within (Quote) and (/Quote) marks.

Type out your reply in the space just below each of the concerned posts.
You can also delete portions of the selected post by simply selecting the unwanted parts and pressing the delete key. Please leave the (Quote) and (/Quote) as they are, in their square brackets.
Special thanks to Satinder Ji for directing me here.

Here's how you can reply to multiple posts.

Click on the multiquote icon provided on the right bottom corner of every comment. Click (and tick) all the comments you want to reply to.

Picture 1.jpg

Close up of the tab

Picture 2.png

Once done. Just hit 'Reply with quote'. The comment box will appear with all comments you had selected.
You can reply to every post individually (or collectively) by inserting your text (reply) between comments :)

Picture 3.jpg

Hope this helps
Cheers :)
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