How to restore auto-saved post/thread

Yogesh Sarkar

On BCMTouring Forums, we have an auto save feature installed to automatically save any text you have been typing in a post/thread, so that if you accidently close your browser or if your internet connection stops working, you will not end up losing all the content.

To restore Auto Saved Content in case you were posting a new thread, click on the new thread icon once again and you will see an option to Restore Auto-Saved Content written on the bottom left hand side of the message box, click on that and the content you had written earlier, will be restored.


In case you replying to an exiting thread, navigate to that thread and scroll down to the quick reply box. On the bottom left hand side of the quick reply box, you will see an option to Restore Auto-Saved Content, click on that and your saved post will be restored.


Posts are automatically saved every 30 seconds, so the content you may have typed in between, wouldn't be restored. Add to that, attachments aren't automatically saved, so you will need to upload them again.

Also if you proceed to start a new thread or post a new reply in the same thread, auto saved content would be removed.

Auto saved posts/threads are kept on the server for a week, after which they are automatically purged.