How to search for BCMTians in your city...


I think he needs to print the sticker from him, it wouldn't be nice to expect him to print for free for all of us. As for stickers, I am trying to talk to a few companies so that we can have a proper sticker sets, if that does not works out, I will get them printed like earlier.
Y.S. Khera need not give the stickers free to all but can arrange to send the stickers thru corior on payment basis. Just a couple of hours ago a Safari whizzed past me flashing the stickers of other forum and I was sort of doomed for not having one.


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^ lo ji ban gayi baat..
khera saab, if possible stickers for cars too (inside sticking) and a little bigger in size.
I won't mind paying for it too,if u could judge out the mode of payment etc.

surender deswal

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Stickers are sent by Admin - Yogesh !! You can PM him. If he has left with, he shall send. Else he also plans to get more printed.
If admin. read this then plz. get the stickers printed for cars too(glue on printed side ) and bit larger by size.Outside fixed are mostly peeled off by naughties.:)