How to Shoot with Point & Shoot Cameras?


I do not want more zoom as it lacks speed in P&S.
Here we are to discuss how to take better images.

I will try to Discuss camera at 9th March Meet !
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Sadly almost all manual capability p&s are long zooms at this price band.
But they all start at 27 mm equivalent focal length at wide end.
Dont go for max zoom camera instead look for one with better optics, max aperture, battery life and good image stabilization.


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The discussions are getting interesting.
I have a nikon Coolpix S8100 for three years now.
Most of the pictures are taken in auto mode. Other modes are tried for experimental purposes only.
Many times photo comes very good and many times bad also.

Did know nothing about ISO, sensors, Shutters. All in all, half of the discussions are going over my head.
Still, the information is quite useful and i am hooked to it.
Will try to learn something from this blog.

Thanks all of you for such information and request you to please keep elaborative discussions continued.

Pankaj Zarekar

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Did know nothing about ISO, sensors, Shutters. All in all, half of the discussions are going over my head.
In plain mathematical English
ISO ∝ Photo exposure
Aperture width ∝ Photo exposure ∝ 1/(Depth of field).
Shutter open duration ∝ Photo exposure.


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Ramesh ji you have a good camera.
Start understanding one mode at a time.
Start today with Shutter priority, leave everything else at auto. Click and compare your results in exif. Try to relate them with the above basics given by Pankaj Sir.


From :

For Reference of some prroblems related to P&S Camera, Specially Nikon !

When in dark room, darkness is/may converted into Redishness with Nnikon .
Do some Experiment.
1. Try in Auto mode.
2. Then in SCENE -Settings mode- Party-Indoor, Night Landscape, Sunrise, Backlight etc. with flash.
With experiment in setting mode
3. Don't use smart portrait / portrait mode.
4. Flash should always be ON.
5. Try to focus on some BRIGHT / WHITE OBJECT for better Colour results.
I mostly try to capture in Auto mode.
When Light is Less or camera is Facing Sun with FLASH ON, this is best strategy.
When something special is needed (like, When Light is more),
I select from SCENE mode.

Try some info from here also.
Nikon COOLPIX S570 review: design, controls, lens, stabilisation, screen, menus, drive modes | Cameralabs
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Satinder ji
That party mode is useful then!
But I say
During party time
No photography
Injurious to camera health :D



I hope your search for a good point and shoot cameras is heading towards its logical conclusion.

Here I am with my broken knowledge to confuse or enthuse more :p

As I read earlier you are looking at a camera in range of 20-22k.

Nikon P520 is on your radar.

Here i have made a spreadsheet with good cameras of major players in market to make quick comparison.

I would definitely push for case of Fujifilm cameras here according to your budget and needs you can go for HS50 / HS30.

here is the link

Feel free to shoot me questions.
I have compared major prominent functions only, I may have missed some which definitely can be added if the need be.

I have not quoted prices as I am running really busy for last few days and this took me a lot more than anticipated.

My source of information is from respective manufacturers product page.

Errors / ommissions / suggestions / critiques are definitely welcome.