How to Shoot with Point & Shoot Cameras?


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I was wondering whether the sensor size should play a role or not while calculating the shutter speed. My cam has manual controls too.
To confirm, at 5x, my min shutter speed should be 6*2.3*5 = 1/69 and at 12x it would be 1/165. Right?
First let us know which cam you are using. :)


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going by 35mm equivalent logic, would the same apply for DX dslrs and lenses? That is for D5100 and 18-55mm lens, if i am shooting at 55m, I must choose shutter speed of 55*1.5 = 1/82.5?


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This theory of minimum shutter speed is not a rule

Its just a practical outcome.

No pic is perfectly sharp
All have negligible motion blur

So if we get good results then we can go for lower shutter speeds to

I easily take fine pics at 1/10 sec at 18 mm with antishake on.


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It is 6*2.3= 13.8 mm equivalent at wide, and 72*2.3= 165.6 mm at tele
Taking the crop factor for the 1/2.3 sensor generally used in p&s.

Still it seems too wide.

I was wrong as I applied the wrong crop factor.
The 1/2.3 sensor is 1/2.3rd of the 1 inch type sensor or the CX format sensor.
The CX format is much smaller than full frame and it has a crop factor of 2.7 for calculating 35mm equivalents.

As per sensor sizes given in dpreview, I calculated the crop factor for 1/2.3 sensors as 5.62.
While in some texts its given as 6 also which confirms the 36mm focal length of the powershot at wide (6mm).

My sony dsc w170 is 5x with focal length 5-25mm
and it says 28mm equivalent at wide i.e. it conforms to the crop factor of 5.6.