How to start a roadside food stall business?


Hello All,

I am 22 years old small town rider/engineer who loves only two things in his life - travelling and eating. I am into my first job since last 6 months in IT industry and by now I have realized its not what I want to do in my life. Zero level of satisfaction and huge losses on physical, emotional and mental levels. I always wanted to do a job I love. But obligations to earn a bread and shelter for myself left with no choice but to take up the job of Software developer in an IT giant where now I earn a mere salary and fight my way in and out of office to survive.

Anyways back to the topic. My aim is to establish a chain of roadside/pavement stalls (or carts) where I can sell delicious snacks in a hygienic way at reasonable prices which delights my customer. My USP will be 'Food Globalization'. I can take care of marketing, finance and sales. I want to understand my customer, his demands and prospective markets; and slowly grow and expand. After stabilization and payback period, my plan is to quit my code-crunching job and expand business to other cities.

Now problem is - how should I start? Since I have not much idea on operations and HR, please help me find solutions of the following doubts -

* What are the legal formalities involved in setting up a roadside stall (which looks more organised and cleaner)?

* How does a small scale restaurant business recruit cooks/chefs? Suppose I want to open a samosa stall or Momo stall. How and where shall I find a guy who knows well to make delicious samosas or Momos?

Please start helping me by pouring in your valuable suggestions. If everything falls in place, I will kick-start my first shop before June next year.

Thanks & Regards,

P.S.- I don't have loads of money because I have started earning recently so the idea is to start with a basic stall (and hence not shop - I m poor) selling only couple of items on menu and observe the success/failure of first setup and carry on accordingly.

Heyyy, This is so totally me. It's like you are reading my mind out loud. I am still gathering courage to give up my job & become a full time traveler, travel blogger or the best - a food blogger! Aaah, that's me and my Wild Big Dreams! Though good luck to you! :)


No Mr. Raj! Even if anyone had two ids, why would one reply to their own thread?! That would be a very stupid thing to do.


Shitij Koshal
In our country, it is money that is required to attract more money. Its a simple saying that to make money u need money. But Amir one thing is there. If you are able to fulfill your thoughts, we as BCMTians will be much happier.


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Hi Aamir,

I just joined the forum today. I was searching on google how to start a food start business in Mumbai and this link came up. Very useful advise and share of their experence from everyone here. I want to start a food stall/shop business too.
I wanted to ask, have u manage to start one up by now?

tushar verma

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Hello Aamir,
Ur words sounds very much like mine.i am about to complete my engineering this year and I too have a strong desire to start a food bussiness... So I wanna know sir what's ur progress in this....