How to start a roadside food stall business?

Food stands have lower overhead costs and the ability to relocate than traditional restaurants. You can provide tasty food at a reasonable price while also having the flexibility to relocate if business does not go well in your current location.


Starting a roadside food stall business requires careful planning. Conduct thorough market research, obtain necessary permits, and find a suitable location. Also, it is essential to implement a reliable supply chain forecasting methods like trend analysis, historical data analysis, and collaborative planning with suppliers to ensure efficient inventory management and meet customer demand.
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I quit my day job to start my own food business in my garage, but it wasn't successful. It takes years for businesses to grow, so I recommend keeping your current job and trying the food business on weekends and holidays. Once you start earning more in your business than in your day job, you can consider quitting your job or hiring someone you trust to continue running the business.