How to start a travelogue

Yogesh Sarkar

Here is a step by step guide on how you can post your travelogue on BCMTouring.

Step 1: Select the right section.


Step 2: Click on Post New Thread Button on the right hand side.


Step 3: Write a good and descriptive title for your travelogue, preferably something which mentions the name of the place you visited. Then write your travelogue story in it.


Step 4: Click on Upload a File button, which is located next to Create Thread button.


Step 5: Once you click on upload file button, a browse window will open and you will be able to browse any folder on your computer. Navigate to the folder where files are located, hold down the ctrl key and select all the files you wish to upload.


Step 6: After selecting images, click on open and image/file upload will begin.


Step 7: Once images are uploaded, you will be able to see their thumbnails. Place the cursor where you wish to insert the image in your travelogue, then click on thumbnail or full image button in front of the uploaded image, in order to insert either the thumbnail or full resolution image in to your post.


Step 8: You will now be able to see image in your post window. Make further necessary edits and and click on create thread button to submit your travelogue.


Onkar Singh

Well-Known Member
I am trying the same procedure but at the time of uploading photographs it shows error. is there any condition of pics size or ver.etc