How to take good panning/action shots/shots of objects moving fast ?


I have a Sony HX1, and i am unable to take good action shots,with high shutter speed the pictures turn out to be dark, lack color, and are very noisy, whereas i was able to take good panning shots(last picture) with my Cannon A420(4MP) camera which has no shutter speed settings. Following are a few pics with which i tried but did not turn out as i wanted them to.

First two pictures, i tried with the multi shot mode, shutter speed 1/10secs, lower than that, the pics were very dark.


In this shutter speed was quite high, the pic is totally crappy, no color, no light, plus lots of noise.


This is what i want, was taken buy my ancient P&S.
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I guess something is wrong with the focussing! Try to set the focal point towards the direction of the object's movement.

Also, compare the exif info of both the photos (old P&S and new Sony) and see if you can replicate the results.

P.S. 1/10 seems a slow shutter to me!

Yogesh Sarkar

How much zoom were you using? Remember that the more you zoom, the less light would be let into your cam. Try using shutter speed of 1/30-1/100 and see how it goes.


Finally i managed something, posting this in action shots thread also.

Did this with my Kodak 12mp P&S , The HX1 is damaged and would take some time and greens to repair.



Thanks sir, yeah i just took the shot casually without much thought. Will try again in a few days, wont leave it till i become perfect with this :)


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The reason why you got dark photographs on increasing the shutter speed in the first case (Punto pic) could be something else. The light of the car is on. If you focus the camera on it, the camera's metering system will consider it as brightly lit scene and hence reduce the aperture opening to a small value. Try with a standard scene.