How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

Yogesh Sarkar

You can upload images and other files (zip, txt, pdf, png, gif, xlx, gpx, kml, kmz, xlsx, doc, rar) on BCMTouring while posting threads or replies.

Maximum file size for attachments is 1mb and in case of image files, if images are larger than 1mb or 1600px in width or 900px in height, they will be resized by our server. A maximum of 50 images can be inserted in a single post.

You can upload images/files by clicking the upload a file button in create thread window (right next to Create Thread button).


Or you can click upload a file button in your reply window, which is located right next to the Post Reply button.


Once you click on upload file button, a browse window will open and you will be able to browse any folder on your computer. Navigate to the folder where files are located, hold down the ctrl key and select all the files you wish to upload.


Then click on open and image/file upload will begin.


Once the images are uploaded, you will be able to see their thumbnails. Place the cursor where you wish to insert the image in your post/thread, then click on thumbnail or full image button in front of the uploaded image, in order to insert either the thumbnail or full resolution image in to your post.


You will now be able to see image in your post window. Make further necessary edits and and click on create thread or post reply button to submit your thread/post.

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Yogesh Sarkar

Oh yes, in case the photo is larger than the size mentioned in the attachment section, server should be able to resize it :)


Thanks a Ton Yogesh. I had been missing this feature terribly...

I have a picasa gallery which doesnt support hot linking and its always been a pain to upload again at photobucket.

This rocks!!


Master of the OT Universe
picasa supports hotlinking. You can just write a small text replace utility in excel to do the job :D


Chopper Fantasy
picasa supports hotlinking.
Yes it does.
Go to your specific album in Picasa - click specific image - Righthand side menu has a way to get links to 3 different sizes of thumbnails including the 800x image size.