How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

Yogesh Sarkar

You're seeing the image in reply box, I thought you weren't seeing that. This is how the software actually works. Until and unless you submit the reply, you cannot access image directly through URL.


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The confusion was because of the "view attachment" in the preview. I refrained from posting thinking photos will not be visible in the actual post.

Thanks Yogesh and Satinder ji. Time to put up the logs haha.


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Looking forward eagerly to your new log, @Gunin, as the uploading issues have been resolved now. That image above with which you were testing (our patience, actually) is so tempting..........

I am getting this error while uploading a pic. The size is 8.15 MB. Is this error appearing due to high size of the picture ? I can compress and upload a couple of pics but when I am trying to upload 80+ pics, it's a tiresome job. Any solution will be highly appreciated.