How To Upload Photos And Files On BCMTouring

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I am getting this error while uploading a pic. The size is 8.15 MB. Is this error appearing due to high size of the picture ? I can compress and upload a couple of pics but when I am trying to upload 80+ pics, it's a tiresome job. Any solution will be highly appreciated.
I think you are not resizing your images properly.
There are many ways to RESIZE an Image.

Please try to resize it properly under resolution of 900 x 1400 & file size upto 1MB.

How to make a picture small or Resize an Image ?
(LAZY Way to Resize an Image is also available)

If above criteria is ok then try clearing cache of your browser.

If all pics are ok then email 2-3 images to Yogesh ji : [email protected]

Doing multiple images in Batch Processing is available in many programs.
Photoshop, Irfan View etc.
Resize multiple images using Microsoft Picture Manager
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