How to use Nokia E63 as a GPS?

Hi guys. Yesterday evening I bought a new mobile phone, Nokia E63. I have come to know that it has got a built-in GPS system. I am not a technically well-versed or a tech/gadget savvy person. Can somebody please explain how to use it?


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E-63 only comes with nokia maps software but it Doesn't have a built in GPS reciever. You can point your location using GPRS but you cannot use GPS.
What you can do is, you can connect an external GPS device via bluetooth and then use the nokia maps software for GPS guidance and location services.


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The E63 doesn't have internal GPS in them like the N95 or E71. You would need to buy an external Bluetooth GPS receiver. Then, you have to pair them using Bluetooth.

Once connected, you need to use a MAPS application that is supported by external Bluetooth GPS receivers like Nokia Maps 2.0 or Google Maps (you need to download the Google Maps application though). Then you can use the MAPS application to view where you are or navigate. Also, features of Navigation, tracking, etc. DEPENDS on whichever Maps application you will use.
I regret my decision now, should have gone for E71.:(

It seems to be a lot more hassle once again. Will need to speak with someone personally. May be on sunday's meet, many would be there.