How to Watermark/Copyright Photographs

Photo watermarking?

How do I watermark a photo? Which software to use and I would prefer a free one at that.

Suggestions please?

I am not sure if this has already been discussed here, so excuse me if this thread is just a repetition.

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Digital Water Mark Question

I am new, so may be this question was asked before. How do you put a digital water mark before you post the pictures? What software do you use? I am using Kodak digital camera and it comes with some kind of software that I have not loaded. Does camera software comes with a functionality to add a digital water mark or do I need any special type of software. Any comments will be appreciated.

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Hi YS sir

I have a suggestion . although many of US watermark / copy right protect our pics but still there are many who don't do this out of negligence or not knowing the imp of copyrights . with so many stunning pics on the forum , it would be nice if at least all can be watermarked with BCMTouring logo at least just like i have seen on other forum ( t-bhp) . i really don't know if there is legal hassle involve in this ..just a small suggestion

Yogesh Sarkar

We wouldn’t be in the right to do that, since according to our Terms of Service, whatever a member posts/uploads on BCMTouring, remains his/her forever. We simply get permission to use it on BCMTouring and thus I feel it wouldn’t be ethically right to plaster BCMTouring’s copyright mark over those photographs.

In any case, quite a few members add their copyright marks to the photographs.